International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show

March 6-10, 2019  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 3, hall 14


Grizzly Technologies LLC -
Grizzly - manufacture of boats and Motorboats

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booth Grizzly Technologies LLC B565
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Grizzly company strongly emphasizes own-production quality. All boats are produced in the local factory. Aluminum boats building has been existing for 5 years and in this period Grizzly company has produced more than 2000 boats and motorboat. At the factory professional equipment is installed, modern technologies are used and highly-qualified professionals in shipbuilding work.
To confirm these statements we should say more about advantages of our equipment and technologies.
AirGraf equipment is a world-leading producer in the sphere of vacuum forming from the United States. It gives an opportunity to mix resin and catalyst the most thoroughly under pressure and to give it to a matrix. AirGraf equipment gives the most optimal balance of weight and firmness of the product. Small weight is available due to less quantity of resin used in comparison with handle forming. This is a result of high level of resin absorbency by glass fabrics and delivery of resin under the high pressure. During work with AirGraf such defect as «air bubbles» is impossible as it is during handle forming. Other different defects are also excluded. This can be achieved thanks to absence of human factor and maximum process automatization. Another advantage of vacuum forming in comparison with handle or other formings is a maximum density of plastic structure. Production at VULKAN machine (by French company Goyanel) has a lot of advantages both for consumers and for producers. Accuracy, speed, absence of defects and human factor, minimization of costs and using of innovative technologies – these all influence both quality raise and cost reduction. As producer takes cheap product, he has a possibility to reduce considerably a market price for the boats.