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March 6-10, 2019  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 3, hall 14


Yaroslavskoe vzmorie -
Yaroslavskoe vzmorie - The Territory of Happiness

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booth Yaroslavskoe vzmorie B259-1
Hall 13


Yaroslavskoe vzmorie - Territory of Happiness

Koprino Village - Pines on the Seaside

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Address: Yasenevo, house 103, Pogorelsky area, Rybinskiy district, Yaroslavl Region, Russia 152972

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Yaroslavskoe vzmorie (Yaroslavl Seaside) is one of the biggest recreation areas in the Central Region of Russia. Hotels, yacht-club, villages and touristic attractions located on the beautiful coastline of the Rybinsk artificial water reservoir named by the local people “Rybinsk Sea” for its hard storms and the beauty of the local nature. The Project yaroslavskoe vzmorie started to develop this territory in 2007 and since that time a lot of things happened – the 4 stars Koprino Bay Park Hotel opened its doors for the guests to became “The Heart of the Yaroslavskoe vzmorie”, and many others local businesses settled down in this recreational area.