Международная выставка катеров и яхт «Московское Боут Шоу»

6-10 марта 2019  /  КРОКУС ЭКСПО  /  Павильон 3, зал 14


PMS Polietilen Mamulleri San. Tic A.S. (PMS Dockmarine) / Наши бренды

PMS Marinedock
We offer pontoon solutions for marinas with different profiles and float varieties from 4 meters to 30 meters.

With the brands 22 year production experience PMS has spread overseas and has completed the productions and installments of numerous floating piers overseas. In the projects that we execute, the experience we gain and the aluminum pontoons we produce in accordance with our customers’ requests are specially produced for marina projects.

Whether it’s special purpose marinas that hold 20 boats or marinas with the purpose of commercial usage that hold 500 boats, we offer turn-key projects according to your needs. We know that every region has different environmental conditions. Tide elevation, wind or wave changes are studied by our engineers. Project designing is done in accordance with the conditions.