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Trust management and management of yachts
The company presents the project "Trust and Yacht Management".
We offer management and commercial use of your yacht in Russia. Our goal is to relieve yacht owners of their worries as much as possible, reduce maintenance costs, minimize yacht downtime and maximize profits. We invite shipowners who want to charter their yacht and make a profit for cooperation.

Many yacht owners cannot rest on it as often as they would like, and sometimes the yacht is idle for several weeks, or even months. To avoid such delays, charter the yacht - it will not only benefit her, but also bring you additional income that will cover the costs of maintaining the boat. Experienced yacht managers will take care of contracts and agreements with clients, not forgetting about your vacation schedule - a yacht in perfect condition will be available on the dates you need. Chartering a yacht will help reduce your operating costs - fuel, port and other fees are paid by the client using your yacht for charter. WE TAKE ALL THE EXPENSES We offer a range of services for the management of your yacht: signing a contract for anchorage in the yacht club, payment for fuel, ferrying the yacht to the port of berthing, team formation, training, salaries, yacht insurance, inventory, property accounting, supplying the yacht with everything you need (linen, dishes , chemistry) servicing the systems and mechanisms of the yacht cleaning and dry-cleaning the yacht, maintaining cleanliness, organizing and carrying out repairs of the yacht at our expense, refurbishing, updating or customizing the yacht interaction with the port authorities, obtaining exit permits preparation, planning and shore support of your trips Personal service and personal yacht manager: The safety of you, your yacht, guests and crew is our top priority. By providing a direct link between you and our entire team, your personal yacht manager ensures that all operational, technical and financial issues are handled responsibly and accurately. Bonuses for shipowners: For shipowners there is a bonus in the form of a free 3-day tour per season on any yacht from our company and in any country where the boats are located, by prior arrangement. As well as the organization and coordination of individual trips on your yacht, with full team support and an entertainment program at the places of stay. At your disposal: Availability of holidays on your yacht at any time Experienced yacht managers will take care of your holiday schedule - a yacht in perfect condition will be available on the dates you need. Preparation, planning and shore support for your travels.